ABOUT PAGE Welcome to my blog. If this is your first time, we are in the same boat, it's mine too. At the very heart of this blog is my desire to create a movement about prevention through nutrition because of the way health issues have made such a dramatic impact on my family's lives... Continue Reading →

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I can't believe it's been almost a full year since the last time I've written a blog. If you've read my past blogs, you know that the only time I really get a chance to write is during my 4-year-old son's nap...which he stopped taking about a year ago. Considering my older son napped until he... Continue Reading →


So we are finally starting to get some consistent Utah weather now. We got somewhere around 15 inches of snow the last two days and it was great. There is just something so beautiful about watching the snow twirl down from the sky, especially at night with only an outside light shining on it. I could watch... Continue Reading →


It's been over 8 months now since I first signed with a publisher. A lot of blood, sweat and tears have been shed since this journey began but now the fun part begins. My "official release" is in about 2 weeks, but my first Pre-Release events are just three days away...This is the part where this story... Continue Reading →

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