I can’t believe it’s been almost a full year since the last time I’ve written a blog. If you’ve read my past blogs, you know that the only time I really get a chance to write is during my 4-year-old son’s nap…which he stopped taking about a year ago. Considering my older son napped until he was six, this has been quite a change for me, mostly as a lesson in perseverance. Before I had kids, I remember thinking, “What in the world do people do with these little people all day?” Now I know, you persevere. Superheroes, monster trucks, books, snacks/drinks, make-believe play, legos, etc…AND repeat. If I am still a relatively fun mommy ten hours later, I consider it a win.

The reason I chose to write today though, was that this parenting situation reminded me of a good friend, who right now is the essence of PERSEVERENCE. If you know my family’s story, you know my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and after 5 months of taking a natural approach to treat it, she was cancer free. This was thankfully a relatively simple path for her back to health. She continues to be completely healthy two and a half years later, and hasn’t even had a cold in that time, what a blessing! But this path is definitely not the norm, yet more of an anomaly when it comes to cancer.

Because of my book, I met another lady who is battling cancer and has been for  over a year. She is also taking a natural approach along with traditional treatment and has been for 7 months now. Her body has absolutely gotten stronger, and she actually seems to have a glow about her, yet her cancer remains. How is that possible?  I ask myself that every month when she gives me updates. People don’t normally feel good and look wonderful in that type of situation. I believe it is just a different path that she is on but one that will have a powerful message in it.

And does this amazing lady let this much slower path to healing stop her on her God-driven path? NO WAY! Her faith is like a beacon for me and for so many others I am certain. She never accepts what doctors tell her as their truth, she only looks to God for her assurance which is that she is HEALED by HIS BLOOD. She perseveres! And I fully believe this is because God has an unbelievable story to tell THROUGH her. To show us all that things don’t also just go as they should, but that sometimes even though it is arduous, we must persevere. There is greatness ahead if we will only push on…

As a family, we can empathize with being given a present reality that does not align with what we believe to be the truth. Though I was weak at times when I thought my mom may die, God continued to remind me that all things are possible in Him and through Him and my mom persevered through the darkest of tunnels and has come out shining from God’s healing hand! And because of that path she has touched endless amounts of lives that she never would have without it.

I believe with my whole heart this will be the same outcome for my friend and I know she is convinced the same to be true because she reminds me of it often. Oh how I can’t wait to see the miracle in her story as I have seen it in my own family. But beyond that, how grateful I am that God brought this extraordinary woman of faith into my life to remind me about perseverance because sadly as soon as we are out of a storm, we tend to forget that this life is a journey of God’s path, if we will only follow.

He has never promised it to be easy. But just as 3 years ago when we thought there could be no good to come out of a near death experience and cancer diagnosis for my mom within a 24-hour period, we now see there was light in the darkness. Sometimes the greatest examples of God’s hand in our lives comes from the rockiest, most treacherous terrain that we must traverse. We will scrape our knees and elbows as we climb, we will want to turn back at the pain, we will bleed…But just when our bodies feel broken and as if we can’t go on, He will carry us to the finish line. I can envision Jesus holding my friend in His arms as she climbs this mountain in her life right now and I also see her standing beside Him when they reach the top, renewed by the healing hand of God.

She will get there someday soon and we will celebrate another example of glory on Earth. I am so thankful to again be reminded firsthand that there is always hope in the storm.


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  1. I was visiting my mother-in-law in the ICU at Evan today and had to sit in the waiting room for a while. She’s doing well, so far.
    Memories of that other day in that room, waiting to hear news about my dear friend, just flooded over me! Praise God for the outcome of that day! Interesting that your blog came today…


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