RC 2

I received some amazing news tonight and I wanted to immediately share it with all of you because it is so well deserved. For those of you that have read the book, you know there are a multitude of miracles throughout our story. Miracles that are subtle in nature and ones that bowl you over with their perfect timing.

Undoubtedly, one of the most magnificent miracles for my mom and all of us who love her so dearly is that when she suffered her “sudden cardiac death,” which stops your heart almost instantaneously, her husband Dave was still at home and heard her scream as she went down. Fifteen minutes later and he would have left for work and no one would have known what happened.

But the miracle does not stop there. I have spoken to my mom about this numerous times and it always make me just stop in my tracks and say thank you to God because if I had been there when this event happened, my mom would have died. Why? Because I don’t know CPR and even if I did I really doubt I could have performed it on her. The shock of seeing my own mother taking her last breaths would have paralyzed me. I would have been of no help except to call 911 and we now know  that would not have been good enough. She wouldn’t have survived until they got there.

That is the difference between a heart attack and sudden cardiac death. Sudden cardiac death gives no warning and can take your life within moments. After her episode, we learned the survival rate statistics and they are grim. Only seven percent of people who experience a sudden cardiac death outside of a hospital setting survive…seven percent.

But here’s where our hero comes in, riding on the wave of God’s perfect design, to be used as God’s hands of healing. Not only was Dave still home when my mom went down, but he was a volunteer firefighter for 20 years prior to this day. Now he hadn’t received CPR training in over 2 years and yet he remembered. After seeing his partner in life turn gray and gasp her last breaths, he immediately flew into action. He did not hesitate, he did not stumble. On a day when we needed perfection, he performed flawlessly.

He acted on the life experience God prepared him with and he kept her alive until the paramedics got there. How could he do that on his own wife? I’ve asked myself that question many times over in the days that followed. Where did his strength come from? Well, we all know the answer to this question. There is no place to get the strength to do what he did other than from God. If you ask Dave, he will tell you the same thing every time I believe. He will say he did what the good Lord gave him the ability to do, to be in the right place, at the right time, with the skills he needed to save her. There are no coincidences…it was miraculous.

Dave has been a hero in the eyes of our family ever since that day. But I am proud and ecstatic to see him be recognized on a larger scale as the “2017 Red Cross Hero of the Year” in the central Pennsylvania area that we are from. He deserves it, everything about his actions that day were heroic.  And we could never say thank you enough,  but here’s to a lifetime of trying.


“Cancer on Monday, Dead on Tuesday, Home by the Weekend” is now available at Amazon.com and a signed copy can be requested from Tricia by emailing her at triciakingcontact@gmail.com




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