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Simply amazing. It’s the way I felt seeing people come out to my book events to visit with my mom and/or pick up their copy of the book to read. It was heartwarming to hear stories of how my mom touched the lives of so many former students and seeing the love they hold deeply in their hearts for her.

It was also humbling to know that people were excited to read something I wrote.  A lot of love and passion went into this book and it has been a long time coming to be able to share it with everyone else.

The first two book events were held at Christ Wesleyan Church in Milton, PA and their support was awesome. Pastor Arlie Davis has been so helpful to me since I started this publishing process. He wrote a phenomenal foreword for the book and has been a crucial part of finding a wonderful place to hold my events. Everyone we came in contact with did everything they could to make our experience wonderful, from those working at their coffee-house, to those working to make our area clean and beautiful and also the women running their bookstore. So, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at the church for supporting me in this endeavor.

My third event was at Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, PA and my gratitude for that goes to Melissa Swartz who gave us a wonderful place to set up and meet lots of new people. This event had a totally different feel because many of the people were strangers to us and we immediately saw how just looking at the title of the book, “Cancer on Monday, Dead on Tuesday, Home by the Weekend” affected people so deeply. Many would stand for several moments just staring at the cover. We didn’t know what all of them were thinking but some did tell us personal stories from their own families.

Sadly, so many of the stories were of family members or friends with cancer and the outcomes were not as positive as ours. We saw the pain that they still had for loved ones lost but we also talked to many about hope and how our story could inspire that and they were intrigued. I saw many struggle with the idea of reading about cancer or getting it for someone going through treatment right now. But the wonderful part was that ultimately many made the decision to get it and pass it on to bring light into a loved one’s life and it was beautiful to be a part of.

My mom saw many people from her past that day and so did I.  I saw an old friend from high school, a girl I coached in 7th grade almost 15 years ago and a camper from a past basketball camp from more than 10 years ago. I love it when time seems to stand still and you can pick up right where you left off with people without missing a beat. All the support was very appreciated.

Since the events I have been touched even deeper from the messages I have received from those who have read the book. Here are just a few that have meant so much.

“Faith, family, and God’s guidance are “key” in this inspirational, riveting “must-read” account”.   -B. Redfern

“I laughed, I cried, I prayed. This has been one of the best gifts ever. Thank You!”                – J. Neiswender

“This book is amazing. I was wowed!” – T. Newland

“I must say this book is truly amazing. It shows our lives can change in an instant and we need to believe that God will be there to help us in the direction He wants.”   -D. Kinney

“I could not put it down. Love, Tears, Hope! Very inspirational!” -D. Trump

Hearing your feedback is inspirational to me and there are many more reviews that I treasure.  I pray that God continues to open the doors to get this story to more people because we all go through tough times and my goal is for everyone everywhere to be able to find HOPE IN A STORM.

God bless!

“Cancer on Monday, Dead on Tuesday, Home by the Weekend” is now available at Amazon.com and a signed copy can be requested from Tricia by emailing her at triciakingcontact@gmail.com




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