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Boy could I write a book about God’s timing… Actually, as you probably know I have already been blessed by that opportunity.  Well, then I may need to add an addendum because I have been blown away yet again by God’s faithfulness and hand on our lives.

I know many of you have been following our story but for those of you that have missed it, here’s a recap. We moved back to PA last year, thinking this would be our final move after 15 previous upheavals. Wrong. And although this new move was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we were ecstatic, it came at the absolute worst time, or so we thought.

While continuing to work diligently to get my book “Cancer on Monday, Dead on Tuesday, Home by the Weekend” through the publishing process, along with working my job as a Health and Wellness Coach and taking care of two children, one who is home with me all day, I was left alone when my husband took off for Utah 82 days ago. We  put our house up for sale a few weeks before he left and were confident it would sell quickly and we would only be separated a short time. Wrong again.

I know there are many people who handle much more on a day-to-day basis, but this was a shocking change for me as my husband and I have always worked as a team and I realized quickly life would be overwhelming until someone made an offer on our house.

Week after week went by and after one offer fell through, things were starting to get all too real that this separation might be much longer than we anticipated. It was starting to take a toll on all of us. Not only were we trying to sell a house, but also secure a place to live in Utah, which we were learning was going to prove difficult because there are very few rentals in the area we are going and when a good one appears, it also disappears within days and we were handcuffed to even try to secure one.

At one point, I actually had to laugh that even if our house sold, there was absolutely no house for us to live in out there, as all the rentals that fit our needs had been taken by others who were ready to make a move.

Enter the master-planner, the One who had this all figured out in advance.

I got a call from my husband, similar to lots of others in the past weeks that he found a house for us that just came on the rental market. I saw pictures and thought it was just what we needed but again thought it wouldn’t matter because we couldn’t pursue it. Then he filled me in on the back story. The owner told him the house had been up for sale for over 5 months and her real estate agent said there was no reason it should still be available as the market out there is extremely hot and things sell quickly and for ever-increasing prices.

She had been living at the house for the 5 months alone with her children because her husband had already moved to Colorado. That sounded familiar. They had just decided maybe it wasn’t God’s plan to sell the house and that they should just rent it. Charles and the owner bonded over the similar situations our families were in. He also said he loved the house but we were powerless to make a move.

One week later the owner checked in with him again because she had multiple people interested in renting. He replied we would take it in a heartbeat but still had no action on our house. With what I believe was an absolute blessing from above, she said she would take it off the rental market regardless and wait for us, even though she had no idea how long our timetable would last. Unbelievable.

Two days later, we got an offer on our house out of nowhere, from people who looked at it over a month ago. And as of yesterday, which just happened to be my birthday, we got word that the inspection (which is usually what is most likely to ruin a sale) went smoothly and it should be full steam ahead from there.

Combine all this with the fact that my book is coming out in the next few weeks and now I will still be here for the book signings and you have one amazing puzzle to come together. It sure felt like we were trying to put this puzzle together in the dark, but of course that’s because we were. We are blind to know what comes next or when. My faith has continually been tested in this journey of ours but I hope someday I will learn to be still and stay still, to watch as the designer of this puzzle of our lives continues to work all things in His timing (which by the way always seems to come out better than I had ever planned on my own anyway).

We have certainly felt like our lives were on hold for the last few months, but it’s time to hit the play button again. God is GOOD!


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  1. So thrilled for you, Tricia and family! As a former military wife who can identify with all of your relocation horror stories, things always had a way of working out for the good of all concerned! Our Lord is truly a caring and “hands on” force if we just let Him in! Love to all and good happenings at all your book signings!


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