life on hold

This Saturday marks six weeks. For those of you who may have missed my previous blog, six weeks ago my husband accepted an amazing job across the country. The only problem? We have a house we need to sell before my children and I can join him. We miss him terribly. Moving has been a central theme in our marriage and although we thought we had finally found a landing spot here in Pennsylvania, it was not to be. We are ok with that and very excitied about this next chapter but getting there is proving problematic.

I was hoping to have another great testimony to the amazing way God works in our lives by now. We were hopeful about a showing from a couple from out-of-state. It looked very promising and the exact timing we were hoping for. It’s so nice when things line up the way we plan. We have had that happen in our lives before. But we’ve also gone through tough times when we just had to continue to trust. Now is one of those times. What looked very encouraging in the beginning did not work out. No happy ending just yet.

As the days go by, it doesn’t get any easier to trust but it remains a necessity. As I start to plan my book release, it’s kind of crazy not to know where I will be living at that time. Would it be easier if I was still in Pennsylvania? Of course. But easy is not what we get sometimes and there is nothing more I would like now than to take the more difficult road, to fly back across the country for the release if that means our family will be reunited again.

So much of my book talks about how our lives have taken twists and turns. Some of them have been wonderful. Some of them have driven us to our knees. A few of them have truly been miraculous.  This has proven to be a time when we are driven to our knees. Not because of something life threatening like we have seen over this past year, but because the situation is so out of our control.

I’ve found myself listening to a lot of music lately and it has been a great reminder of where to keep my focus. One song that has been so inspirational for me is by Tauren Wells called “God’s Not Done With You.”

God’s not done with you. Even when you’re lost and it’s hard and you’re falling apart.        God’s not done with you. It’s not over,  it’s only begun.                                                             He’s got a plan, this is part of it. He’s gonna finish what He started.

I believe those words and yet there are still hard days. We all know that sometimes houses take many months to sell, and of course that creeps into the back of your mind. If there’s one resounding theme in my book and in the lives of my family, it’s that things happen in God’s timing, not ours. My time frame for this house to sell has already come and gone. We knew going into this it may not be easy. Unfortunately, we were right. It feels a little like living on pause, just waiting to start our new life together.

But now is when I have to remember than I cannot put my faith into a box where I only stay faithful if things work out as I envisioned. So we are going to see this path through to the end because we believe it is by design, albeit a little bumpy. Even through the bumps there are things to be thankful for everyday and we were never promised smooth sailing anyway, even if it would be a great story.

But I believe God IS crafting a great story, just one I have not been given the ending to in advance.

To be continued…


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  1. Amen!! God Is not Done with me yet ! We have to be patient and wait on His timing and plan. But , oh what Amazing Grace He bestows upon us when we riley on Him!! 🙏


  2. Your situation is very challenging for all of you, and I hope it soon has the happy ending you are hoping for! Now, I am an Italian Catholic girl, and those little old Italian ladies have many “beliefs” , and here is one. Google ” Selling your home with the help of St Joseph”. You may chuckle and be skeptical, but this has been known to work. My Mother – yes, a little Italian lady – used this method, after her home did not sell as quickly as she wanted it to, and I’ll be darned – it worked for her! There are specific instructions – how to bury the statue, and where. So, be entertained by this, or give it a try – you just never know😊


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