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This week felt like a great accomplishment. It’s been just about a year, which actually seems crazy how fast the time went, since I first starting writing my book “Cancer on Monday, Dead on Tuesday, Home by the Weekend.” My manuscript went through two different edits and I got it back from my publisher for the first time in almost five months to work on and make changes.

I pulled up my book from my email, along with another attachment that said “items of concern.” I read through the notes that were made and thought the list should be easy to fix. Here’s where my lack of technical skills comes into play at times.

I got my book back on a Tuesday and when I was on the phone with my publisher the next day she asked when I thought I could get it back to her. Now I have only a limited amount of time to work (nap time and after the kids go to bed), but I said I thought by Friday no problem. She seemed sort of shocked.

I let her know I read through the pages she sent and it seemed pretty simple.

“Did you see all the notes on the sides?” she asked.

“Hmmm, no, what notes on the sides?”

Problem #1. Apparently my computer opens everything in Wordpad instead of Word.

Problem #2. I didn’t even know there was a difference between them. What I learned. Wordpad’s formatting makes things look very different from the original and I could not see what was written in the margins.

Problem #3. I had no idea how to fix the issue, again not really computer savvy.

“So, okay, well I guess when I figure out how to actually see the notes (nine pages of them was apparently what I was supposed to be looking at), I’ll let you know how long it will take,” I told her.

Whew. Nine pages. Friday was absolutely out of the question. Thankfully, with some helpful advice I was able to get my computer opening attachments as it should and saw the notes. I’m happy to say I got there, eventually. I bought my first flash drive (what a handy little device I have been missing all my life), took it to the closest Staples, got the book printed and bound and brought it home ready to get to work. It’s truly a wonderful experience to have something you’ve worked so hard on in your hands.

The first night, which was thankfully still a summer schedule for our family, I worked until midnight and when I was finished realized I had only gotten through Chapter 3. Wow. At this pace this book isn’t going to be out until Thanksgiving.

Each night I got a little quicker, though, and it actually only took about ten days in total. It was a weight lifted off my shoulders and felt amazing to actually be done close to 365 days from the time I started. It’s funny when I  began last year, I thought I was done the moment I wrote THE END. I didn’t actually write that but you get the symbolism, right?

What I learned is that was only the beginning. This process has been very consuming and much more work than I ever thought possible. My adoration for people who write multiple books has soared now that I have seen what needs to happen to get a book through the publishing process and out to people.

But, we are so close. The book now goes into a proof and is checked over one more time and then it’s off to print! I hope that this book will be inspiring to all of you, I know writing it I was continuously amazed at all God has done in the lives of our family. Watching it come together  almost does not seem real, but I have always believed if it was meant to be, God would find a way.



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  1. Whew!! This blog and the one previous, had me holding my breath for the outcome! God is good! Can’t wait until you say the house is sold!


  2. I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I love your mom and prayed for her during her health struggles and I look forward to reading your book.


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