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This is shaping up to be quite a week. At the absolute forefront is the birthday of my youngest son who is turning three. I know this is a wonderful time for all families, and for us it comes with even more gratitude because he is a child we never thought we would have.

After losing four babies after our first child to miscarriage, we had given up hope, succumbing to the fact that it was just not meant to be. We were actually even trying to make sure we didn’t get pregnant again. We had seen enough valleys with pregnancy that we didn’t want to chance another. Yet at our lowest, we were given a blessing beyond measure, a life that was destined by God.

And what an entrance to this world he made at over 10 pounds. I should have known from the start he would be a whirlwind in our lives. He has the opposite of almost all of the traits of my oldest. I finally understand why people use backpacks with a lease on their children. But when I see that child smile, it is pure joy. So this week is to be celebrated, as we relish in another miracle in our family.

And because my husband has an amazing employer, after only two and a half weeks at a new job, he is coming home to join the festivities. One of the reasons this job opportunity was so appealing was because everyone in the company is family oriented and they proved it in a big way giving him their blessing to travel back already. I am so thankful for people who hold true to their word.

On another note, we had our first showing on the house today and seem to have a possible buyer. You never know for sure until you get that offer, but if it happens it will be quite a story with the way it unfolded. It never ceases to amaze me how life takes on its twists and turns.

Speaking of that, I’ll tell you a quick story. After being at my mom’s for five days, we came home and were informed there was a showing today. Great news…except for the fact that the grass needed to be mowed and quickly. So after driving two hours and getting home as it began to get dark, I hopped on the mower with my 2 year-old. As we tried to get at least the front done, it started to drizzle. I started to push that mower to its max.

Ooh, was that lightning I just saw? That would be yes and it started to rain harder. This was certainly not ideal conditions. As it got darker and rained steadily, I continued to ask my son if he wanted to go inside. My guess is he never said yes because he had headphones on and couldn’t hear me. He just continued to smile like he was having a great time. We got the front done as the rain began to unload on us and thunder boomed. Thankfully, we don’t have neighbors who can see us because I am guessing I would not have received mother of the year for my actions.

Then today, after I put my son down for a quick nap before the showing, I jumped on the mower again to tackle the backyard. Ten minutes in, I began to mow a tricky spot in our yard beside the deck and above a partial rock wall and a drop-off. Are you picking up my foreshadowing? I bet you are.

I’ll just cut to the chase. Mower. Down. Me. Off. Not. Good. Because of the rain the night before, the grass was still wet and as I began to slide toward the wall I panicked and hit the gas instead of reverse. Disaster. At that point I couldn’t think of anything much worse than a riding mower sitting at nearly a 90 degree angle on a rock wall, pinned against the house and where 2 smalls trees used to be with a showing in less than half an hour. Well ok, I took a huge chunk out of the yard also, so I guess it could get just a bit worse.

I tried everything to move it to no avail. After calling my husband, who was in the middle of a meeting and helpless, the best idea he came up with was for my 11 -year-old and me to lift the front tires so it could slide down the rest of the way. Yeah, not gonna happen. Did I mention the 90 degree angle and being wedged?

On the first attempt, it didn’t budge. I almost quit immediately. And yet, four tries later we were successful. Unbelievable. There truly is no way we should have been able to do that. Now the story isn’t all good. I thought the mower would explode when I drove it back to the garage because of the smoke pouring out of it. But that’s not the point. The point is life is filled will all kinds of miracles.

My youngest son who is turning three in a few days, he is a huge miracle beyond words. But you know what else is a miracle in my book, albeit a smaller version. Getting a mower stuck on a rock wall and knowing you have zero chance of moving it because your husband is 2,000 miles away. And then moving it. If you could have seen the position of this mower, you would agree. It was a small miracle that meant a lot to me today. Notice I didn’t mention my tears of frustration at the situation.

Opening up my home to meet a potential buyer thirty minutes later like nothing ever happened was amazing. A buyer, by the way, who is from out of state and has flown to Pennsylvania four times looking for a house for the last nine months. They’ve had two contracts fall through when our house was not on the market yet. Would be a cool story if it works out, right? We’ll see what God does. If it is meant to be, it will happen. His path is always right.

To cap off this week of gratefulness, after not having a clear vision for my book cover, today was a big day. A new design was given the green light and things are moving forward. I am ecstatic about taking one step closer to getting this book out to all of you and the cover now feels perfect. We are getting there.

God is on the move, as He always has been, in everything we do.


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