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I’ve felt compelled to repeat the phrase “Hope in the Storm” as a theme to my book because that’s truly what this journey has felt like. And who in this world does not need some encouragement at one time or another to get through life’s difficulties? It may have been our own personal struggle or that of a loved one or friend. But it comes all the same.

I would like to say that with what has happened in my family through the years, and especially in this last year, that I breathe in everyday and embrace everything that comes my way, but I would be putting on a front and that’s just not me. Deep into adulthood, I still drag myself out of bed, always wanting more sleep, instead of rejoicing at a new sunrise. And though I am quick to urge my oldest son to greet me with a huge smile each morning, I admittedly forget to put one my face sometimes at the weight of the challenges I know may lie ahead that day.

But I have learned not to let things bother me quite as much as they may have in the past because of the first-hand miracles I have seen over the last twelve months. I try not to let minor things hang out too long in my mind and be conscious about letting them go.

This week was a good test of those new found skills I am hoping I have. I spent every free second the past seven days sorting through our basement getting ready for a yard sale,  the joy! As anyone who has done that knows, it is a LOT of work, but I was hoping it would be worth it because as I mentioned in a past blog, I am working on travelling lighter through this life and getting rid of years of “stuff” feels great.

After enjoying the summer’s extra hours of rest, I had to set my alarm nice and early to lug everything out onto the driveway and prepare for what I hoped was a barrage of people. Careful what you wish for. People began to stream down my long one car wide drive way 90 minutes before my scheduled start time. The only problem was we had not set up the planned parking situation yet because we didn’t expect anyone that early.

We couldn’t control anyone and people began parking EVERYWHERE! They stopped on my front lawn, they spun their tires trying to get up my side yard and made ditches and tire marks as far as the eye could see. It was an absolute disaster in a matter of moments.

My husband did his best to get it under control but the damage was already done. Not sure selling a few items was worth it but here we were. Deep, cleansing breath. And repeat. Again. A ruined lawn should not wreck my world. I repeat, a ruined lawn should not wreck my world, right? The rest of the day went very well. We sold quite a few things and were ultimately glad we did it. As we examined our grass at the end of the day, we decided we could likely fix it eventually, glass half full.

Enter day 2. This time I was ready. I had everything set up perfectly 90 minutes before the start. Parking was set. I was in my lawn chair ready to sell, sell, sell. Now I just needed to wait for the magic to happen. It didn’t. No one came for hours. My son began to sing a “this is boring song,” which I understood coming from a child but I disagreed. We were blessed with two of the most beautiful days we’ve had in a month. There were bright blue skies with the most amazing clouds and it wasn’t even hot. I actually enjoyed the peace and quiet.

For the next six hours, we had only a handful of people. It would certainly be considered a bust in the yard sale world, except because it was so slow I had time to really talk to the people that came. We met a wonderful family from New Jersey who moved around a lot like we have and who finally made a decision to move close to the wife’s mother so she could be around her grandchildren. That sounds very similar to our own story.

A month after they got there, though, the grandmother died of a pulmonary embolism when she just thought she had bronchitis. Absolutely heartbreaking. My mom’s tragic event was a little over a month after we got here, but she lived. Why did we get the miracle? I’ll never know but we are so blessed and that family helped remind me of that.

Another ray of light was with an older couple who came at the end of the day. They didn’t buy a thing but the wife kept talking about her health problems, and I had the time to really listen. I am not one to bowl people over with what I do as a health coach, but because of what I know is possible with the nutritional supplements my mom took for her cancer and my family takes everyday to protect our future from disease, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

The woman said she should already be dead because of a bad heart, and add to that Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalsia and she was really suffering. Had she come to my yard sale so she could buy some more stuff she didn’t need? Not in my view. God put her there for a reason. And he gave me the courage to tell that stranger about something that could save her life, just as a stranger did for my family many years ago.

As I explained to this woman how powerful these products were and what they did for my mother, I could see the hope on her face. Hope in a storm. She told me of missing out on so many of her grandchildren’s special occasions because she was too sick to travel. I can’t imagine feeling so helpless.

After I called her back that night to give her more information, I hung up not knowing if she will end up taking the products. She wanted to talk to her doctor as many people do, even though they have told her there is nothing they can really do for her. I pray that doctor will have an open mind, but that is not something I can control.

What I can do is be mindful of God’s rays of hope in the storm. I can look for those instances that are not coincidence and do my best to listen to the urge I feel inside and act on it. I have seen first hand how God uses many different paths to make a difference in this world. It can be with people, doctors, medications or nutrition. I can do something about what I know and that’s powerful nutrition. He has put that in my life, where it goes from there I cannot worry about.

I made less than $40 on Sunday, enough to buy my family some lunch. That money was spent before the day was done, but the lasting effects of that yard sale could be glorious. If there one thing that isn’t boring, it’s waiting to see where God will move next.


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