I know that a lot of the people following along with my blog and supporting my upcoming book, “Cancer on Monday, Dead on Tuesday, Home by the Weekend” know my family or at least someone in it. Some of my family have lived in central Pennsylvania close to 90 years at this point so we have some deep roots in the area.

Although a few of us have moved around and left the state at one point, there have been some cherished relationships formed and we felt the love from them last year when we needed it most. I am so thankful for those who stood by my family in its darkest hour.

Because word of our story has started to spread beyond my home state and even outside of the United States, I wanted to take the time to share a little about some of the people in the book for those who don’t know them. So I have put together a few pictures of some of the special times in our lives throughout the years.

Family has always meant the world to me. Everything I have ever done has been driven by a deep and fierce love for those I hold closest to me. This book is no different. Did I ever think I would start writing a book with a non-stop toddler and elementary aged child at home? No way.

But love can change your mind about things in a hurry, and when I knew my mom needed something written down about the miraculous events that took place in June of last year because she had no memory of it, I had to get to work.

And then it was another love that took over. The love of God for His children.

So instead of just a journal, which was my original intent, it became a book. I felt a pull at me like never before that God wanted me to share this story of hope with people to show His love for them. I needed to reveal how God had His hand on the lives of my mom and me for many, many years, even in our most difficult of days.

Several months later the book was born and many of my family members are in it as I chronicle the last 20 years leading up to the catastrophic events of last summer. In my book, you will read about tragedy and triumph, devastation and celebration. You will see that miracles do happen and that although we don’t always understand our path, God is still by our side. In this raw and emotional true story, you will be inspired to hope. You will be compelled to love, because there is no emotion more powerful, more meaningful or long-lasting.

As you turn the pages you will come to know the undeniable love for a mother by her children, the powerful love of a husband for his wife, the unbreakable love of a child by her mother.

Ultimately, you will see the love of God that is everlasting and transcends all darkness of this world.

Come with us on this journey. Get to know my family and our journey of peaks and valleys. Find Hope in the Storm.



COLLAGE 1 .jpg


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  1. Lovely pictures! I love your family, and I’m glad you’ve shared them with everyone. I can’t wait to read the book!


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