Today is the one year anniversary of the day my mom suffered a “sudden cardiac death.” But I don’t want to focus on that today, instead I want to celebrate life and the blessing that is family. We received a miracle and each day is to be cherished. I am guilty of  thinking the ones I love will always be there. It’s sad that sometimes it takes something like this for us to really stop a moment to breathe in the beauty of our loved ones.

But as I reflect on what happened to a woman who is loved beyond measure, I also want to take this week to take my own advice and focus on the rest of my family, to be fully present for them. My husband and boys have stolen my heart from the very start and although life gets crazy at times, I want to take this week even more than most to give them my laser focus. My son has a busy week of baseball and my husband and I will be playing an important supporting role for him. I want to soak in every moment so I will be taking this week off from blogging and be back next Wednesday.

Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone. TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND SOAK IT IN!


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