With this week being the year anniversary of the day that changed my family’s life forever, I thought I would take the time to reflect a little bit on where we’re at with the book. “Cancer on Monday, Dead on Tuesday, Home by the Weekend” has taken me on quite a journey over the past 6 months with all that has happened. I think back to the day I told my mom I was ready to look for a publisher. I remember thinking, “This is going to be great!” I was so excited to take on this challenge.

Two days later, I was on the phone again letting her  know I didn’t see how it was ever going to happen. I was so naïve on the publishing process and what it really took to get a book on the market. It is not an easy process. Add the fact that although I am pretty competent with computers, I still have my weaknesses when it comes to changing things into different formats and so getting my manuscript to someone made the process more complicated than necessary. I remember one publisher calling me after I had filled out a form. She asked about the premise of the book and wanted to read it. I told her I had been trying to send her the manuscript for the last hour without success. So frustrating. It made me feel like maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

But after two weeks of diving head on into a process that was overwhelming, God made a way. I am grateful my lack of technical skills did not impede the overall outcome. We have said from the beginning that if this book was supposed to get out to people, God would make a path. He did. I found what I believe to be the very best fit for me and this story with a publisher that has both the professionalism and experience needed along with the heart to support their mission to touch others.

What was most interesting for me in this process was that although many publishers raved on the storyline, the one I chose was very honest in saying “everyone has a story.” It’s true, there are many amazing things that have happened in people’s lives and not all books written about them are published. At first I thought there was no way this company and I would end up working together. It’s natural to gravitate towards people who immediately pump you up, filling you with compliments and making you feel great about you’ve done and the hard work behind it.

But after  a time of prayer, I just felt led in the direction of pure honesty, without the ego boost. And after reading the story, the publisher felt a strong connection to it and wanted to be the one who got it out to people. I am grateful for the opportunity to tell our story and the way it came together. I am also thankful to follow the lead of the One who knew this would all happen before it ever did. I have felt total peace about my decision from the day it happened. As it looks now, with the book going into the layout soon, it will be out by late Summer. We are headed towards the finish line and yet we are just beginning.

This has been a learning experience each day, but has come with great benefits. During this new adventure, I have met some fantastic authors and heard many inspirational stories that have deeply touched me. The resiliency of people is amazing and I will always keep their stories close to my heart.

With a few months left before my book is out, I look to all of you to continue helping me spread the word about our story. Touching other people is what this has been about from the start. This book is for anyone who has gone through difficulties and is searching for hope. For those that have had to make tough choices in life and felt like they were in darkness,  needing a light to shine on them. It’s for those who’ve felt lost and needed direction. It’s for families who have been struck by health issues and needed a strength they didn’t know they had.

Ultimately, it’s for everyone who wants to be inspired, to know there is a greater plan for our lives and that God has His hand on us even when we can’t see it.  It’s to read first hand that miracles do happen. If you know someone who could benefit from hearing our story, let them know about it please. Help us share what God started almost a year ago. There was a purpose behind our tragedy from the moment it happened and we will continue to try to fulfill God’s plans through sharing His triumph.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us. You are making a difference!


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