When I first started this blog, I mentioned that at the heart of it was my desire to start a movement about prevention through nutrition.  I also mentioned I would talk about the book and the lessons we have learned throughout the years about following God’s lead. They were not easy lessons, and sometimes I’m sure I was a poor student. But I have tried to learn something from every chapter of my life. I’ve talked a lot about the lessons not just from the book but from current family life. But I have not written much about the idea of prevention, yet it continues to come up in my thoughts week after week, and I just realized it applies to more than just one aspect of my life.

Unfortunately, our family joined the thousands of others this year that are affected by cancer. Does my mom’s journey have a happy ending through the nutrition I have spoken of before? Yes. Praise God. But as powerful as that is, and even though I know it is much less inspiring, many times I would much rather she never have gotten it in the first place. Disease can make the strongest weak so quickly and it was hard to have someone I love get a diagnosis of something that is taking lives everyday. That is the sole reason my husband and sons are on this nutrtion also because I never want to see that disease affect my family again. Prevention is the key.

Even though much of my day has to do with taking care of my son and tasks having to do with the publishing of my upcoming book, that doesn’t mean that what I do for a living stops. I am a health and wellness coach and my passion is helping people get results for whatever issues they are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes they are mere annoyances, but other times they are difficult conditions. I have seen some amazing turnarounds from ADD/ADHD, MS, Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, etc…you name it, I have seen it. And I celebrate for these people each time they get better because I feel God put this in my life for a reason. Yet, I feel compelled now to speak out on prevention also, so these things never rear their ugly heads. I am particularly driven to make a difference in children. They are dealing with issues they should never have to take on at such a young age.

But beyond health, because my daily life is also wrapped around parenting, prevention has taken on another meaning. As I type this my oldest son is being driven by a friend’s parents to a birthday party 35 minutes away. Although I trust these people, this was a very difficult decision for my husband and me to make. We rarely let other people drive him anywhere. Why? Prevention. We want to prevent anything and everything bad from happening to him that we feel is in our power to do. I’ve said my son is on this nutrition to keep sickness and disease out of his life, but what good does that do if our son is in an accident that we could have stopped. But he is getting older and these situations will continue to arise. The reality is I can’t stop every bad thing from happening to him. I prayed my little heart out for his safety and had to let it go. As much as I am passionate about prevention, I can’t let it keep him from enjoying special events, I must trust in God’s will for his life. Clearly, I will still go distract myself until he is home. I am human.

My book takes me a whole new direction about prevention. Writing about the last 20 years and all that has happened to my mom and me, there are a whole lot of things I would like to have stopped from happening, regardless of their importance. Just being honest. Although looking back at your life can bring amazing reflection and gratefulness, it can also comes with its confusion at times when you wish you could escape the periods of pain somehow. If I knew I way to prevent my miscarriages, would I have done it? No doubt. But then I don’t have my second son. Do I wish I could have found a way not to miss out on so much time with my family because we lived far way for so many years? No question. But is it a sacrifice I would do over again to find a treatment for mom’s cancer?  Definitely. Sometimes it’s good I didn’t get what I wanted.

Clearly I will never be able to prevent all things from happening no matter how much I’d like to. Disease will come, tragedies will occur. Tough decisions with our children will have to be made. Yet I am grateful some things I wanted to prevent in the past happened anyway because there was something greater in the works.  And there will be things in the future with a God-willed path that is unpreventable, I know that. This is why I am glad all these things are not on my shoulders, I would crumble at the weight of it all. God commands us to be strong and courageous.  He promises to be with us wherever we go. I hold tightly to that tonight as I take a leap of faith trusting my son’s safety to someone other than my family. God does not promise that faith will be easy, but that in faith we can have confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

We cannot see prevention. So I will trust that God will put it in my life where it is needed.


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