authors night

Last night “Threading Love” in Lewisburg, PA hosted an “Authors Night,” inviting local writers to join together to share their books and knowledge. Even though I live two hours away, I knew it would be worth it to go. It lived up to everything I envisioned. To begin, I met the owner of the store and learned more about what they do. It’s a retail store, not a book store, but they are very supportive of authors and have a small, yet wonderful section to offer. I learned of their vision, the way everything in the store has a story, and how they strive to make a difference in the world with give-back products. So impressive.

With a vision of each product having a story, what a perfect idea to bring in local authors who also have a story to tell on all different levels. The range of topics was wide. There were light hearted children’s books like one by Bethany Allen, who wrote a wonderful adventure on learning to tie your shoes. But there were also difficult journeys told that touched the heart so deeply like Nicole Bingaman, whose son suffered a traumatic brain injury, or Nancy Magargle, who chronicled the painful loss of her daughter in a car accident.

Another highlight was talking with author Jake Gronksy who, like myself, has a book that is not yet published. It was great to hear about his path to writing and the preparations being made to get the book out there. His powerful story about a local boy with Progeria is one that is impossible not to be moved and touched by.

I commend these authors for taking the steps to share these moving manuscripts, especially when some of the topics are so painful and unthinkable to go through. They were so selfless to take the time to share with me the process they’ve been through and be a light in a wild and often overwhelming publishing process. It was priceless. The knowledge I left with that night was exactly what I was hoping to get, and I want to thank all the authors and “Threading Love” for a wonderful event.

I spent many hours before the “Author’s Night” walking the streets of Lewisburg and stopping in most of the shops to see if I could leave cards spreading the word of my upcoming release. It’s crazy growing up less than 5 miles from there that it was the first time I’ve ever done that. I’m not much of a shopper, but I was impressed but the warm and welcoming responses I received from everyone.

There are some amazing benefits to the camaraderie of a small town and the way they support locals. People were very interested to hear about the inspirational story behind my book and all gracious enough to help me spread the word. I have not lived in the area in close to 15 years, but yesterday made me proud to be part of a special community. One that comes together to help others succeed and do what they can to be a part of something powerful and leave a trail of positivity behind them.

I encourage all you to check out the authors from the picture and support their efforts. I can say from first-hand experience that publishing a book is an absolute labor of love and not an easy path but very rewarding when you see the fruits of your efforts. Support “Threading Love” and their amazing vision for this world and all the local shops of Lewisburg, who are part of that small town feel that is difficult to replicate in today’s society. Or if you’re not from the area, support the local shops you are near, it’s important. I believe that success can begin on an intimate level and soar to  unimaginable heights, and I feel blessed to be from an area that is willing to help make that happen for others.


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  1. I love this Tricia, but why didn’t I know you were going to be here in town doing this?! I would have definitely come there to see you! 🙂


  2. I get two newspapers and still manage to miss things! Thanks for sharing! I have seen the shoe-tying book at Leeser’s.


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