I just finished reading Christian artist Jeremy Camp’s book “I Still Believe.” It’s a book about hope after tragedy as he lost his wife from cancer when they were just newlyweds and very young. He journeys through the stages of grief but ultimately puts all his faith in God that He was in control all along and will use it for good. It is inspiring and powerful, and in my opinion a lot of his very best music came from this difficult time in his life.

HOPE. Whether you are a person of faith or not, we all want to have a sense of hope. Hope that things can get better, turn around. Hope for a brighter future, putting past hurts away. Hope that things happen for a reason, so we can try to make sense of it all. And so much of our hope now days is for health: a treatment, a cure or at least a  better quality of life.

Here’s where life gets a bit tricky because there are many trains of thoughts as to why life goes the way it does. Some of us believe everything happens for a reason. Others think that we have our choices and we cause things to happen, while I have also heard the opinion that we make our choices and then God uses it for good. I will never claim to have the right answer, all I know is I am doing my best and just have to hope I’m getting it right.

As a woman who loves Jesus with all her heart, I know that I really try to listen to God’s calling. I want to follow the path He wants me on, but my husband and I have made so many choices over the years that it is difficult to really know how we’re doing. Have we chosen wrong and God made the very best out of it, I think that’s absolutely possible. Have we made the correct choice and then wandered, maybe. Did we do it so right a time or two it’s like we got the memo ahead of time, probably not, but let’s hope so. I am a glass half full type of girl, so we’ll go with that.

What I know to be true in my life is that even when I mess up terribly, which is often, or make a huge choice that may be more influenced by what I wanted than God’s prompting, is that there is still HOPE. God does not forsake me or cut me off because that was one mistake too many. No matter how many wrong turns I may have made in my life, He is still leading me down a path of hope.

I can only imagine Jeremy Camp could not fathom losing his wife to cancer and good coming from it. But in his book, he speaks of being overwhelmed by the response to songs he wrote from his pain that touched people so deeply. I will be forever grateful our story took a different path and we didn’t lose my mom. I know not everyone gets that happy ending and life gets a whole lot darker and difficult.

Given a choice, would I have rather never received that phone call to learn of my mom’s sudden cardiac death? Originally, I would have said ‘yes’ in a heartbeat. But now, months removed from it and from reading other stories of what these tragic times can mean to others and the strength it can give them, I have to say ‘no’. The journey here on Earth can make us weary, no one is exempt from pain.  Our family experienced the hurt like so many others. And yet, there is good to come. The greatest faith in born on the hour of despair. I believe our family’s story will also touch lives and inspire people to HOPE, those that need to hear it will be reached, and they will know God is with them through difficult circumstances. I am not going to second guess the journey I believe He started us on. I’m just gonna believe it will happen, glass half full.

I encourage you to continue to help us spread the word and reach more people, there is still a path to be laid, people to inspire, lives to be changed.


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