Ever had one of those moments with your child that just made you STOP? Stop rushing through your day without really taking the time to listen when they’re telling you another random story, stop prodding them on to the next activity so you’re not late and look like a bad parent, stop hurrying through the bedtime routine so you can at long last sit down for five minutes. I am guilty of doing all these things, especially lately, as this new chapter in my life has begun, but a moment with my son a few nights ago gave me pause.

Last year at this time we were waiting for our new house to close, a house that would finally bring us back close to family after being away for close to a decade. God opened a door for us we never thought would be possible. This move would be even more amazing when a month later tragedy would strike, and thankfully I was less than 2 hours away instead of being across the country.  That amount of distance would have torn me apart.

Since that time, tragedy has turned to triumph and God absolutely used it to lay a path for His glory. But in the process, life has gotten a little hectic.  This path a year later would have me preparing for a book release for a manuscript I never planned on writing and blogging twice a week to reach more people about God’s miraculous hand on the lives on my mom and me…say WHAT? Last year I was not even on social media and now I have multiple Facebook pages, a website and a blog. Absolute craziness.

In the last few weeks, I have become more aware that although great things will come out of my mom’s story and the God-breathed book I felt compelled to write, I also have be careful not to let it interfere with precious moments with my children.

As my husband and I tucked our oldest son into bed the other night, I watched him methodically and purposefully align his stuffed animals around him on both sides. He had stopped sleeping with stuffed animals for years and just recently got them back out. “They make me happy,” he told me. Fine with me, whatever works as long as they don’t all end up on the floor. Which is why, I believe, he has started sleeping on the top bunk. Up there you can’t seem them and he doesn’t have to rearrange them every morning. He soaks up the joy without the mess, good thinking.

As I watched him smile as he snuggled in with his 30+ stuffed bundles of comfort, I said casually, “Wow, what a cocoon of goodness.” “Yes, it really is,” he replied with a happy sigh and closed his eyes peacefully. Although I spend much of my day giving him advice on how and why he should do things, he reminded me that sometimes in life there is nothing better than taking the time to enjoy the little things, to stop and rejoice in what makes you happy. I realized I need to relish in the simple blessings of family because we learned all too well last year they can be gone in an instant.

So I will do better. I will strive to stop each day and find my “cocoon of goodness.” The moments that put a smile on my face and make me happy because it’s worth it, everything else can wait. And on a day I can’t seem to find a “cocoon of goodness” because all is going wrong or there are too many things on my to do list, maybe I’ll just have to climb up to the top bunk and borrow his.


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