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I remember back before we all had cell phones with caller ID, that sometimes when a house phone began to ring, someone would yell, “Don’t answer that!” Does that sound familiar to anyone? Why would we not want to answer? Well, it could be there’s no time, maybe you are sitting down to dinner with family. Or we don’t know who it is, and although it could be a good friend we’d love to chat with, it could also be a telemarketer trying to sell us something. So we take our chances and let it ring.

Or worst case scenario, could it be some sort of bad news? Maybe it’s results from a doctor or word of one of our loved ones getting hurt? Life is tricky and throws us a lot of curve balls. Are you having memories of one those types of calls? I can empathize. I’ve had 2 of them in the last 9 months. What was interesting about those calls was that my mom’s smiling face showed up as my cell phone began to ring both times, very deceiving.

The first time she was calling to let me know she had officially been diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew behind that beaming expression on the screen was a woman who was not happy, yet she was being brave as she relayed the news. You see we were already prepared for this possibility, and a plan was already in place to treat her cancer naturally. Although nobody wants to hear that diagnosis, we were confident she would be victorious. I knew of thousands who had already beat cancer with the products she was going to be taking because of the company I worked with. The body can do amazing things when given the proper fuel.

And my mom has always said, “I just need a plan, and I’m fine.” I admit it was very comforting to be ready to fight that dreaded disease, and I knew however devastating the news, she was ready to get her warrior on and slay the dragon that is cancer. How many of us have now received such a call about a family member or friend and cancer? Far too many.

The second call was less than 24 hours later, and when I saw my phone ring at 6:19 am, although groggy, my brain instantly screamed, “Don’t answer that!” I knew for certain behind that smiling picture was disaster. A phone call that early is not the time for any type of good news.

“Your mom went down,” said a voice I knew was NOT my mother. Part of me wished I had just let it ring. If we don’t hear the news, it can trick us into thinking it isn’t real. Sadly, it was reality whether I heard the words or not. Her life was hanging in the balance of the only One who can truly “answer the call.”

How many times in life has God called us and we decided not to answer? Go talk to that stranger who looks upset. Go comfort that mother with the screaming baby instead of giving her a judgmental look. Go help that older woman with her groceries. I admit I am guilty at times. These impromptu calls from God are so fleeting. The moment passes in an instant. We often wish we had made a move. I can remember times I’ve seen a stray dog and thought I should stop, only to wait just one more minute and turn around to see it’s already vanished.

I have often received  phone calls and only heard it ring once, then cut off. What was that? Why did it go to voice mail so quickly? I barely got a chance to answer and was still too late. Yet when we are ready to dial God up, we want an instant connection. We want His action and answer immediately. Why is the phone still ringing…where IS He? Have you ever felt that way? I called to God like never before the day I got news my mom’s outcome looked bleak. PICK UP, PLEASE PICK UP. Do NOT go to voicemail.

Waiting on June 28th, 2016 to see if God would answer my call and the call of so many others hurt my soul like nothing I have ever experienced. And yet there is a lesson to be learned. I know it will now make me more aware of a ring from up above. I will do my best  not to ignore God’s call or let it go to voicemail because of the one of the first lessons I ever learned from Him.

Do unto others as you would have them do to you. AMEN.


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